Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Stop Food Cravings And Achieve Permanent Weight Loss

Is there a way to achieve permanent weight loss? Many of you, including teens, are already into the yo-yo dieting style of weight loss followed by weight gain.

Learning how to stop food cravings is better than a lifetime of fighting them. Dieting becomes more misery every time it is necessary,until you may feel desperate enough to take dieting drugs, or eat frozen processed calorie restricted foods for a while. These fake foods have no nutritional value and the amount of additives and flavorings in them are well known to cause health problems.

The CD "Inner Dance of Success Weight Loss Program" is designed to train you to develop the mind power so that you can crave the foods that are good for you and that will keep you from weight gain.

It takes some effort on your part, but you only have to learn how to do it once! Dieting is effort, over and over and over again.

I know you want, and can get, permanent weight loss.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Weight Loss Enhancement - Or Weight Loss Giving Up

Are you still waging the “how can I lose weight” battle? Regardless of your weight loss frustration, don't be giving up!

If you are still looking for a good way to lose weight, I may be able to help. First, at a glance mind you, here are the diets to use, from easy to hard:

*skip all desserts – boring, but gets someone started
*skip all white foods: white breads, white crackers and buns, white rice, white pastas
*skip all breads, grains and pastas, all the whole grains and sprouted breads
*eat low to non fat processed frozen foods and ingest a ton of artificial chemicals

So what do you have left to eat?

*Proteins; meats (beef, lamb, pork, bison,emu, whale (I know, gross!), poultry, fish, eggs
*fruit in limited quantities
*dairy products; milk, cream, cheeses, yogurts, sour cream, kefir (from cows, goats or sheep)
*nuts; good for fiber, omega 3 oils, resveratrol, vitamins and minerals
*the starvation HCG type of diet which you must do with DAILY M.D. GUIDANCE. Please do not try at home. :)

Some of you will start to lose weight just skipping desserts. The lucky ones!

Many of you will start to lose weight skipping all the white foods, and switching to whole grains.

Some of you will start to lose weight giving up ALL grain-sourced foods. ALL.

Some of you WILL lose weight eating prepared frozen meals loaded with artificial flavoring, sweetening and coloring. God be with you.

But what really matters and what will make a diet successful? Does what you want to eat match with what you are willing to eat? The closer these two things match, the less weight loss frustration you experience.

Whichever kind of weight loss diet you choose, there is a way to do it with weight loss enhancement. Most weight loss success stories reflect how the dieter could curb emotional eating. Meaning, what they wanted to eat, versus what they ate.

If you could ramp up your conscious mind power, to change what your brain told you what you wanted to eat, would you put a small expense and a little time into that? I'm thinking that you would.

For a little nutritional background on the things that you eat:

*artificial sweeteners cause carbohydrate cravings – medical studies have shown
fake or over processed foods confuse your biochemical balance and eventually problems show up
*vitamin deficiencies cause sugar and fat cravings, fatigue, depression and anxiety

So, if you know how, you would ideally eat fresh home prepared foods, include the protein/vegetable/dairy/fruit groups of foods as needed, and just ...forget the rest?

What you are “used to” kind of means “addicted to”. You have trained your body to jump-start energy in various ways that have not been nutritionally balanced, or you wouldn't be overweight.

If you know how, you will begin, or increase, or change your exercise program. There is no argument about burning more calories than you eat, whatever style of diet you are on, or want to be on.

Fast weight loss is almost always temporary weight loss. You don't need “fast”. You need focused and persistent. Not that you should be hungry during focused and persistent. Hunger comes from brain signals.

I hope I've interested you in trying out a way to use your very own conscious mind power so that you can generate a condition of weight loss enhancement, and get out of the weight loss giving up mode.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Weight Loss Frustration And Teens Weight Loss

Weight loss frustration is one of the worst things to suffer when you're a teen. Not that it is any more fun earlier or later, I don't mean to say that. But a teens weight loss diet can be challenging because you are still growing, and your hormones fluctuate rapidly. Maybe there is a different approach to getting the body you want, that will lead you to decide how to be thin.

You have probably heard that everything comes from your brain. Your cells know how to function, they know how to burn fat, and they know when they cannot burn fat - because for some reason the brain does not tell them to. And, a very important factor - your brain chemicals are made from fat!

The nutritional element that tells the brain to burn fat is protein. Most proteins have some fat attached to them, and sometimes this is very good fat (omega 3 fatty acids). If this is the case with your breakfast, you eat the protein and it tells your brain to burn the fat you eat. No weight loss frustration!

Sources Of Proteins With Omega 3 Fatty Acids

*free range, organically fed egg sources
*grass fed beef bacon (no nitrates or nitrites)
*cooked or drizzled with coconut oil
*fat-free organic cottage cheese with 2 tablespoons of coconut oil added
*a fillet of hot or cold (cooked) wild caught salmon, tuna or mackerel WITH THE FAT AND SKIN ON

Breakfasts that will not help you to be thin:

*pastries including pop tarts and other similar things
*boxed cereal of any kind including whole grains
*bagels, toast, scones or buns of any kind

That's depressing - but here is the factor that all weight loss/weight gain/health issues are based upon. What do you WANT to eat? Your brain, as smart as it is, gets addicted to products that change the way it works, or hijacks it, because it gets tricked. A real brain tricking food is sugar, in any form.

All grains, whole or organic, or sprouted, or processed, burn as SUGAR. Never mind that most people eat them WITH sugar.

The high protein, omega 3 fatty oils breakfast requires preparing, cooking, and cleaning up after. Would you do this to be thin? (Or would your mom or dad? And they can be thin too?)

What if you don't WANT the protein/healthy fats breakfast? What if you are ADDICTED to grains and sugars?

But what if you can CHANGE what you want? Because if you can, you are not dieting! You are eating what you want!

I recently watched an excellent diet presentation by a very sincere person who went over the whole issue of getting control over what you prefer to eat. I agree with her completely and if you can spend $67 on her program (I was warned this price would be going up), it sounds like a good life coaching support for dieting.

Are you stuck in the diet-no-diet syndrome whether it is teens weight loss, or you're in an adult ballet class - and the idea of learning how to be thin, by changing your brain, and changing what you want to eat, appeals to you, you can get some wonderful life lessons for guidance to end weight loss frustration, with The Inner Dance Of Success Weight Loss Program.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

How Can I Lose My Weight - Conscious Mind Power

A dance medicine specialist has created 12 lessons on a CD, to help teens weight loss. Her intention is to help you develop your conscious mind power, and curb emotional eating or change bad diet habits. If you experience weight loss frustration, I believe this will help.

Weight loss frustration can get pretty intense for anyone, especially ballet dancers, cheer leaders, and competitive sports buffs. Here is a weight loss program that focuses not on what you eat, but on determining for yourself what you WANT to eat.

How do you lose weight if you are still growing? What if, by conscious mind power, you happily CHOSE to eat:

* soft yolk eggs, grass-fed whey protein drinks or sauted calf liver for breakfast

* a large salad or a super green foods drink with lean chicken/beef or fish for lunch

* a rare grass fed beef steak, lean turkey meat balls, with lightly steamed or raw dark green vegetables for dinner

* celery with a little goat cheese or a little peanut butter for an evening snack

Am I kidding? Where's the pizza? The burger? The bagel and cream cheese? Well, imagine this; you are sitting next to someone who is chowing down some spaghetti, or a slice of pizza, or a fat-burger and you are thinking "Eeuw! Super disgusting!"

The point being, can you IMAGINE THAT? If you cannot, you can learn how with your own conscious mind power. You have it! Everyone does. How can you learn how to use your mental power to determine the goal you want?

Your mental power is your own. And it IS powerful. I hope if you are a teen reading this, you will take this to heart. If you learn how to use your mental power early in life, all kinds of things will go better for you. Your hopes, your dreams, your career or love aspirations, will all go better.

Why? Because whether it is to sooth your weight loss frustration, get better grades, forgive others more easily, or do better ballet or cheer leading, YOU are in control. You will not have your own mind working against you. Your body will be doing what YOU want it to do.

Can I guarantee this? No. Hopefully you don't have a challenge like low thyroid levels, insulin resistance, or some other form of metabolic syndrome at your age. But you might. Yet, even if you do, you can correct it.

So nibble on a slice of pizza now and then. Have a Yum Yum donut occasionally. But do yourself a big favor, and curb your emotional eating, or change your habitual eating.

Get this easy to learn CD, about HOW CAN I LOSE WEIGHT and build your CONSCIOUS MIND POWER.