Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Teens Weight Loss - How Can I Lose My Weight

Learn how teens weight loss can be achieved by all kinds of diets. Eating celery and lettuce for a few days before a recital results in fat melting off - or it may look that way. More likely muscle mass is disappearing and that is not good. Yet for some, that is quick and somewhat irrationally not difficult to do. But what is really good for you? Rapid weight loss is often followed by easy weight gain. If a dancer gains the pounds easily, and diets drastically, how can she/he create a new approach to being healthy and thin on a steady basis?

Firstly, any person who wants to lose pounds should know whether or not they have any kind of ongoing chemical imbalance - such as a low functioning thyroid gland, exhausted adrenals, or similar problem.

Secondly, any ballet dancer or dance student should be fully informed about protein power, empty carbohydrates the dangers of artificial sweeteners and low fat diets.

If dieting is a yo-yo activity for you, losing, gaining, losing, gaining - you really need to develop a whole new mind map for dealing with eating habits. Continuing to gain and lose weight is bad for your heart, just for a start.

Building new conscious mind power for yourself is now a possibility. A new attitude and thought program is your best bet to use. And it is a life long highly effective path to take.

Choosing foods that support your dancing - your muscles, your reflexes, your brain functions, is what every dancer needs to do. And be happy with it. Deprivation, starving, counting calories, and other perfectionist behavior lead to destructive outcomes physically and emotionally.

You have individual needs within a framework of healthy eating. Your health is a prime component of achieving success in your dance career. Mental and emotional health is your support for all the stress, and competition you deal with in the world of dance studios. You can brain train for a conscious mind power and learn how to achieve success with a different route to TEENS WEIGHT LOSS.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Adult Dancers Worry About Weight When They Get Back to Ballet

Some adult ballet beginners or dancers who have gone back to ballet after years off, need to CURB EMOTIONAL EATING first. Many have established eating habits that are hard to break. A little special help is needed to change lifestyle choices and create healthy eating habits which can benefit you in many ways.

An adult returning to ballet, or just thinking about getting into ballet wear can blush at the vision in their mind.

Oh boy, standing at the barre in leotards and tights...... what will that look like? It takes courage!

Many dance studios allow adults to wear baggier clothes for ballet. Dance accessories such as leg warmers and favorite ballet company T shirts can disguise bulges and bumps in the silhouette.

But the dream is to get into pink tights and a beautiful flattering leotard. Or for the men in ballet, black tights and a tight T shirt showing off some pecs!

Some individuals can lose weight fast by cutting carbs. But many, depending on their age, don't drop the fat so easily.

Then there is the issue of emotional, or nervous eating. Nervous eaters do not succeed with the one week weight loss diets or the "fast easy" fat melting diets.

Eating because of social shyness, or or some other condition, results in a weight gain that now gets a person on a circular track of getting brave - getting back to ballet - then eating out of fear - but still wanting to go to the dance studio and eventually look good.

Well, the posse has arrived. It is called CONSCIOUS MIND POWER. Brain training programs are not new, but the attention on dancers for this activity, is.

You are brave and should be applauded if you have decided to get back to ballet. Part of brain training is learning how to applaud yourself - but there is a lot more to it than that. Give yourself a support system - learn how to create a new CONSCIOUS MIND POWER and CURB EMOTIONAL EATING with The Inner Dance of Success - Dancer's Weight Loss.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dancers - Learn How to Curb Emotional Eating

Get the tips on how to curb emotional eating now. Over eating, or eating the wrong foods is usually an emotional decision. Refraining from eating empty calorie high carb foods is not really dieting. It is just eating well. Dancers need calories, but they need to get those calories from a lot of protein and supporting nutrients from green vegetables, salads, healthy fats, and fruit.

Often teen dancers will ask me how they can lose weight in a week - they want to look better in a tutu or get thin for someone's wedding. Or maybe a ballet exam. They want to drop the fat NOW.

Most serious ballet and dance students know what not to eat, or what to eat little of. Empty carbs like white bread, cracker, cakes and cookies are not required for life. They do drive the brain into producing chemicals that feel good - but so does dancing!

So to get rid of excess pounds quickly, all that needs to be done is stop snacking, and do not eat the starches and sweet foods. But growing, dancing intensively, young people with normal metabolism still need to eat the good foods. They don't need to diet.

Some diet gurus say that refraining from eating breads, sweets, pastas and grains, truly changes the body's desire for these things, within a couple of weeks. But a dancer who practices emotional eating will find this hard.

Eating sugar to calm the nerves is a habit and a deep craving for a highly stressed person. Many people can sleep better after eating sugar.

If a person eats enough starches or dessert foods, a tranquil non-thinking state results. And usually afterwards there is panic - how will the tutu feel now?

The nervous, inferior-feeling or other-wise self conscious dancer now feels ten times worse. Emotional eating is like a mild addiction. However, it can be undone with brain training, and changed.

Creating a new mind map and actually wanting what is good for you, is possible.

Of course this is easier for some than others. But anyone who plans to change what their mind tells them they want, needs the latest information on brain training. Specifically, there is a program for dancers who want to CURB EMOTIONAL

Monday, July 26, 2010

Dancers Weight Loss - Decrease Carb Cravings

Struggles with losing weight for dancers (or anyone) has much to do with trying to decrease carb cravings. If it were not for the constant craving of carbs, sweets or not, dieting would be easy. Many habits considered normal in our current way of eating actually INCREASE carb cravings. But maybe a better idea - what if you could lose weight without dieting?

What if you could wave a magic wand that re-wired your brain so you did not want any food that served as an "empty calorie"? I wish I could give you one!

It is not quite that easy, and yet training your brain is done all the time. Changing the way you think can be done.

Dancers and cheer leaders exercise a lot. It does not even make sense that they all would not be skinny. However, our bodies get used to exercise intensity, and conserve fuel. However, there is a way to get around the whole science of dieting, and stay healthy too.

There is a way to lose weight without dieting - decrease carb cravings without dieting. You just need the right information so you can learn how to create a new mind map for healthy living and eating. You can get thin and stay thin. Use your own wonderful powerful brain!

You can take some control, and decide what you want to embed in your brain.

Dancers, cheer leaders, and many other people, have to obsess over so many things to be successful. Working without the perfect body for ballet, less than ideal flexibility, deficient muscle recovery time, and - of course, being thin! What an ongoing battle!

There is a way to lose weight without dieting, with a special dancers weight loss program. Take a look at this new mind map for dancers and learn how to decrease carb cravings.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cheer Leaders Worry About Weight Too

Cheer leaders have so much stress and pressure with training, performance and recovery, just like ballet dancers.

Ads bombard you daily from tv, the computer, everywhere...."weight loss programs!"..."fast weight loss!"....healthy weight loss"......"fast easy weight loss"....."best weight loss tips!"

You can escape this and get a clear mind with The Inner Dance of Success Weight Loss Program, a CD. Put it in your computer and start your brain training - develop the outlook you need with a new mind map!

Ads and social pressure is mind control, really. Now YOU can have control in YOUR mind! And develop habits that will help you stay thin.

Get a weight loss program that will last you!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Build Conscious Mind Power For The Inner Dance of Success Weight Loss

The Inner Dance of Success Weight Loss Program is a series of 12 lessons exploring the body/brain connection to optimal weight and health. These lessons are conveniently located on a CD that can be played on any computer. This program will help you get on top of the habits that cause excessive weight by shifting your chronic ways of thinking, feeling, and acting.

Stop the yo-yo dieting and exercise programs that only work for a while and instead make a more permanent body/brain shift towards optimal weight and health.

Learn how to create your own CONSCIOUS MIND POWER for weight loss. You will benefit from this brain train ability for your entire dancing career.

There are a zillion best weight loss tips.

A zillion 'fast' weight loss tips. Diet drinks. Juice flushes.

When does it end?