Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dancers - Learn How to Curb Emotional Eating

Get the tips on how to curb emotional eating now. Over eating, or eating the wrong foods is usually an emotional decision. Refraining from eating empty calorie high carb foods is not really dieting. It is just eating well. Dancers need calories, but they need to get those calories from a lot of protein and supporting nutrients from green vegetables, salads, healthy fats, and fruit.

Often teen dancers will ask me how they can lose weight in a week - they want to look better in a tutu or get thin for someone's wedding. Or maybe a ballet exam. They want to drop the fat NOW.

Most serious ballet and dance students know what not to eat, or what to eat little of. Empty carbs like white bread, cracker, cakes and cookies are not required for life. They do drive the brain into producing chemicals that feel good - but so does dancing!

So to get rid of excess pounds quickly, all that needs to be done is stop snacking, and do not eat the starches and sweet foods. But growing, dancing intensively, young people with normal metabolism still need to eat the good foods. They don't need to diet.

Some diet gurus say that refraining from eating breads, sweets, pastas and grains, truly changes the body's desire for these things, within a couple of weeks. But a dancer who practices emotional eating will find this hard.

Eating sugar to calm the nerves is a habit and a deep craving for a highly stressed person. Many people can sleep better after eating sugar.

If a person eats enough starches or dessert foods, a tranquil non-thinking state results. And usually afterwards there is panic - how will the tutu feel now?

The nervous, inferior-feeling or other-wise self conscious dancer now feels ten times worse. Emotional eating is like a mild addiction. However, it can be undone with brain training, and changed.

Creating a new mind map and actually wanting what is good for you, is possible.

Of course this is easier for some than others. But anyone who plans to change what their mind tells them they want, needs the latest information on brain training. Specifically, there is a program for dancers who want to CURB EMOTIONAL

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